We believe it’s our approach that sets us apart from other consulting firms—an approach that’s reflected in our name and in the way we operate:

Our senior partners work in partnership with you—collaborating to find successful solutions to your challenges.  We combine advice, counsel, and a facilitative approach to promote dialogue among all key stakeholders. Our goal is to unleash the power to innovate by building consensus, and working with team members to help them discover their own abilities.

Our senior partners are engaged in all aspects of your project—bringing to bear an understanding of organizations and customers derived from a combined 70 years of hands-on experience.

Our senior partners listen intently—to the marketplace and to people at all levels of your organization. Listening enables us to provide counsel that is right for you and solutions that will be successful in the marketplace.

On the following pages, you’ll discover what three of our clients achieved with our help.  You’ll also learn how they did it and how we helped.  If you see some of your own organization’s challenges and opportunities in these examples, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss how Sherbrooke Partners could be a part of your solution.


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