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Case 3: build a more responsive organization

our approach |
We at Sherbrooke began—once again—by asking lots of questions. We felt that it was critical to understand the issue from the patients’ perspective. So we conducted extensive patient research to better understand what their expectations of service were—as well as the consequences of those expectations not being met.

We also listened closely to the thoughts and observations of internal staff in a series of focus groups.  Their insights and perspectives added essential detail to our understanding of the factors contributing to the problem.

The focus groups revealed that patients had highly specific expectations—and that there were clear consequences of those expectations not being met. We also uncovered numerous process flaws, within and especially between functional groups and units.

We understood that a real solution would only be possible through the active participation and commitment of all departments involved. So we organized and facilitated a series of Work-Out sessions with cross-discipline teams. These sessions tapped into the problem-solving power inherent in the hospital staff. Our facilitators guided internal teams as they identified problem areas and developed specific recommendations about how to improve the process.

By the time the Work-Out sessions were completed, the participants had outlined the parameters and prerequisites of a new scheduling, registration, and billing process.  We established more effective communication and decision-making procedures, and a new "recovery" procedure for those inevitable—but rarer—occasions when processes broke down.

the results 

In this case, the solution was developed by hospital staff, in conjunction with expert guidance and facilitation from Sherbrooke Partners. As a result of creating their own solutions, the hospital staff was committed to making their ideas work. In the end, the hospital:

  • implemented a new scheduling process within 90 days

  • cut waiting times in half

  • improved satisfaction among patients, physicians and staff

  • created a more efficient, productive, and less stressful environment

  • improved the hospital’s balance sheet and competitive position

  • increased market share and profitability

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