our marketing strategy practice
helps clients develop strong brands and innovative, consumer focused value propositions. As partners skilled in fostering innovation and consumer strategy, we provide:
  • marketing strategy
  • qualitative and quantitative research
  • creative ideation sessions and concept development
  • pilot implementation
  • key account planning
Case 2: putting consumers at the strategic center

our approach | Sherbrooke Partners began this engagement as we always do—by listening.  A lot.  To everyone.  And by working to establish a relationship in which all participants feel free to share their ideas with each other.

In the course of facilitating these discussions, we learned that a big obstacle to progress was a lack of insight about current customers as well as new sources of business. We needed to gain a clearer picture of our marketplace in order to begin the process of building a successful strategy and implementation plan.

We began by researching and creating an industry "fact book" detailing current trends and key issues affecting consumers in the category.  The fact book provided everyone with the same clear, consumer’s-eye-view of the marketplace.  We conducted primary and secondary consumer research to create detailed profiles of both existing and target customers. Working with internal teams, we created detailed target segment profiles and compared those segments to the existing customer base, ultimately identifying three target segments that represented the greatest opportunity.

With a set of clearly-defined target customers and insights into their needs and preferences, we organized and managed a series of brainstorming sessions with internal teams and outside experts.  Using creative, team-based techniques, we elicited new ideas that ranged from minor changes to radical reinventions.

From this wellspring of ideas, we worked with our clients to create and test new value propositions, identifying those most appropriate for test market opportunities. Sherbrooke’s creative team packaged and positioned concepts. We then used consumer input from focus groups to evolve the ideas. Finally, we collaborated with our clients to build and launch pilot programs.

Our services spanned the entire process from concept to reality—creating, articulating, and evaluating concepts, identifying appropriate partners, fleshing out programs, and launching test markets.

he results:

By taking an approach that stresses collaboration, encourages innovative thinking and demonstrates the power of consensus, Sherbrooke helped a product-driven organization become truly customer-focused, with the will and energy to build exciting and differentiated new products and services.

The series of marketing initiatives spearheaded by Sherbrooke:

  • enabled our client to successfully integrate innovation into their business model.

  • created an ongoing consumer insight program in which managers from multiple business units meet regularly to share insights and nurture new, creative ways of doing business.

  • launched new pilot programs that are creating opportunities for the company while repositioning the brand

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