our business strategy practice helps organizations clarify strategy and make better business decisions.  As partners with management and facilitation expertise, we can provide:
  • business planning strategy sessions
  • marketplace research and analysis
  • consumer trend intelligence


Case 1: bringing strategies, roles, and procedures into alignment

our approach |
Understanding that our client’s issues stemmed largely from the volatility of a dynamic market, we began by conducting a thorough marketplace audit to provide an accurate basis upon which to build the revised strategy while establishing consensus among the conflicting factions in the organization. 

Industry interviews and analysis allowed us to create a snapshot of marketplace trends, behaviors, and issues from the perspective of all key constituencies.  Then, we took it a step further by performing a thorough competitive diagnostic to assess what strategies and tactics were working—or not working—for the firm and for its competitors.

The next step was to convene and facilitate a series of structured, interactive strategy sessions with the company’s senior team.  These sessions were both wide-ranging and detailed, encompassing every aspect of their business model: firm positioning, decision-making processes, portfolio company management, and identification of investment opportunities. 

From our vantage point as objective guides and facilitators, we were able to help the partners move quickly toward consensus on all of these vital issues.  They emerged from the sessions with an operational blueprint for the future—one that everyone could support as their own.   

We then turned our attention to executional issues—helping our clients identify key trends, corresponding on-strategy investments, and areas of opportunity. In planning sessions, the trends enabled the management team to determine how best to focus resources and efforts.  

As a result, we were asked to perform strategic and market assessments as part of the due diligence process regarding potential investments.

he results:

Sherbrooke Partners’ skills in business planning, complemented by expertise in consumer marketing and organizational effectiveness, addressed a broad range of strategic, organizational and implementation issues. As a result, our clients:

  • achieved a new level of consensus and commitment throughout the organization.

  • discovered they possessed the power to effect major improvements in their decision-making and operations.

  • now present a clear, consistent strategy to all constituents, using a common language and framework.

  • make better—and faster—investment decisions, leading to a new level of success.

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