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Case 1: bringing strategies, roles, and procedures into alignment

the challenge |
"Strategic drift."  It’s what can happen to an organization struggling to respond to rapid and dramatic upheaval in its marketplace. Organizations in this situation often begin pursuing initiatives and opportunities that veer off strategy; and individuals begin spending time, attention, and resources on activities that do not add—and may even destroy—value, with potentially serious consequences.

Such was the case at a multi-fund private equity firm with over a billion dollars in equity capital.  In this instance, the effects of strategic drift were impeding success.  Limited partners questioned decisions about investment choices. Portfolio companies began to wonder about the firm’s commitment to them and their markets. Internal conflicts threatened the partnership.

After Sherbrooke Partners became involved, we quickly helped bring clarity to the firm’s vision, strategy, and organizational roles and procedures.  The company needed an updated strategy that would resonate with all constituents—partners, limited partners, portfolio companies, and prospects alike—while also providing a compelling internal "contract" of behaviors and processes.

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