the experience and competencies...
of Sherbrooke Partners span the disciplines necessary to turn ideas and opportunities into meaningful results. Our core services--business planning, marketing strategy and organizational effectiveness--are enriched by strengths in consumer insight, creative problem solving and rigorous analytics.

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The three case studies provide glimpses into the qualities that Sherbrooke brings to every engagement:

Commitment.  We donít operate in a bubble or force-fit clients into a predetermined mold.  We get directly involved, rolling up our sleeves and remaining actively engaged in all aspects of each project.  We never solicit engagements at the senior partner level, and then offload the "real" work to low-level associates; a senior Sherbrooke Partner always remains involved throughout the project cycle.

Conviction.  Building consensus isnít always the easiest or fastest way to get things doneóbut it is the most effective way to achieve lasting, meaningful results.  We believe there is no substitute for full participation, interaction and ultimately, clarity, among all parties involved. We work to make the process as inclusive, stimulating, and enjoyable as possible.

Competencies.  With backgrounds in business strategy, organizational effectiveness, and marketing, the people at Sherbrooke Partners bring together a unique combination of business and consumer insight, creative problem solving skills and rigorous analytics.

Results.  Sherbrooke Partners has a singular focus: to achieve resultsóreal, tangible, sustainable results. Our work is done when youíve achieved the results you were looking for.

Weíve helped dozens of companies achieve their most critical objectives.  Powerful, innovative, winning strategies.  Detailed and achievable implementation plans.  And an organization  equipped and committed to executing the plan successfully. 

To learn more about how Sherbrooke Partners can help your organization, please contact us at 978-264-4567.

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